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ZOOM Panel discussion 5pm EST Tuesday, May 12th

email: to attend

Better Late Than Never, Red Light, the Question, Wasted Days, International War Criminal…

Plus albums by the Rocksteady 7, Stubborn All-Stars, Rancid and more….

They all were recorded in COYOTE STUDIOS! Located on 98 North 6th street in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, it was a center of ska recording in New York City between 1995 and 2005. The Slackers recorded 4 full albums there plus an EP, and parts of several other albums.

Find out the stories behind the making of the albums. Hear about the legendary studio that was so important to the NYC ska mob sound of the 90s. Hear about recording techniques. Behind the scenes stories and ancedotes. All the good stuff you want to know!

The panel will included several members of the Slackers and the Caiati brothers, Mike and Albert who created Coyote Studios.

The panel discussion will last for approximately 1 hour. We will be able to take some questions after that via zoom chat.

Entrance capacity is limited. Please email Slackermusic1991@gmail if you are interested in attending. A donation of $10 is suggested