Hi everyone

Posted by Dave Hillyard on November 13, 2015 News | | No comments

So we are heading into the last bunch of shows for 2015. Wow, that went fast.

Thanks to everyone who came to our shows this year.

We are going to finish out the year with shows in NYC, the east coast, Canada, upstate New York, and Vermont.

For 2016, we got a 25th anniversary celebration and a new album!

Yup, coming out February 19, 2016 will be the slackers new album simply self titled ‘the slackers.’ Why ‘the slackers’?

When you see the cover art you will understand. This album sums up nicely everything we have done so far and points us off in new directions to explore.

To say Im excited about the music on this album would be an understatement.

More news to come soon!