Hi everyone

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Hi everyone,

So its December. Hard to believe that the year is almost over. It was definitely a strange one. Despite chaos on the world stage, the Slackers chugged along like we do. We celebrated our 25th anniversary as a band, put out an album in February, ‘the Slackers’, and have done around 95 tour dates to support it so far.

We got 12 more shows to go for 2016. We are gonna be on both the west and east coasts. First the Pacific Northwest, with shows in Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, and Portland. Then down to southern California for a show in San Diego plus 3 shows in Los Angeles. For each of the shows in Los Angeles we are going to be playing a different album from our catalog, the Question on Dec 7, Close My Eyes on Dec 8, and then Peculiar on Dec 9.

Then we will finish out the year on the east coast with a holiday tour. Shows in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Hamden (Conneticut). Looking forward to seeing a lot of family and friends out there on the road.

That brings us to 2017. So what do we got going on? First up, we are going to be re-releasing (in conjunction with Pirate’s Press) a 20th anniversary edition of Red Light on vinyl. Its hard to believe its been so long since that album! Damn. Yeah, so we are going to be re-releasing it and incorporating a bunch of Red Light tunes into the set. Probably have some different red light related events throughout the year.

Another thing that we are trying to release in 2017 is a 25th anniversary edition of Live At Ernesto’s. We recently recorded our show in Holland at the legendary Ernesto’s. Ernesto is trying to release it as a new Slackers live album! Check it out here.

Touring wise, we are going to take the first 3 months of 2017 off. Hell, we just played all over the place right?

Then we are looking at doing around 80-90 shows in 2 blocks. One block in the spring from March 23-June 23 and one in the fall from Oct 1 – December 31st. First up, we are going to be starting out in Florida. Just a quick 4 date run and then back up to Washington DC. And then…well, we are in the process of booking a bunch more shows….keep checking in every so often and more will be up.

Thanks again for all the support we have received in 2016! Its been a real good time!