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By vic

...just in case there's any confusion...the slackers recorded all the overdubs and did all the mixing for the new album PECULIAR at VERSION CITY...that means you'll get all the technical proficiency of KING DJANGO'S style, mixed with the raw fucked up style of yours truly...i didn't really credit django properly on the record i realized and it kinda doesn't give him the credit he's due for all the work he did on this album...so spread the word and check out the sounds coming in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!...ridiculous,...vic

eating beef in brasil...look i have a blog thing...

By vic

look i have a blog thing...i`ve been wanting one since i heard the word...eating beef in brasil...more to come ...ha ha...


Peculiar CD Cover width=peculiar...this is an album recorded by the slackers in transition and all about combining new and old things...its our first studio album with both ara and agent jay. The new guys in the slackers? But not new at all, they're old new york scene friends that we've all played in other bands and tons of weird projects with...the album tracks, recorded at ernestos,live, but its not a live album...mixed and worked on at Jeff Baker's (Django) Version City studio, but its not a version city record.... you get it?...some of the songs appear on the political EP, International War Crimminal, but the versions are all different except one, all from the live session at ernesto's, with agent jay on guitar and ara on drums (ara actually at this point having been in the band for 2 years now, more than the couple of months like he was when the international wc ep was recorded)...so you get it? current songs? yes...very current i think, though i wish it wasn't the case if you dig my meaning...we put out the political stuff twice? yes...not the same versions, different versions in a different situation band-wise, but not politically unfortunately...nothing wrong with putting these songs out twice, better that they get heard more, i think... better everybody should start saying what everybody's thinking...better say it twice so it dosen't get missed...that's a little bit about the record...vic

Happy New Year!

The Slackers would like to wish a happy new year to our families, friends, and fans. Thanks for all the support at the shows last year! Special thanks for 2 great shows in NYC in december. Looking forward to seeing you guys out there again in 2006.

In 2006 we have a busy agenda;

  1. Peculiar. New Slacker CD out on Hellcat/Epitaph records! Release date is February 21, 2006. Download 86 the Mayo from Epitaph.
  2. Brazillian Tour. 1st Slacker tour of Brazil takes place that last week of January.
  3. East Coast/Midwest/Eastern Canada tour. Takes place late febuary into early march.
  4. European Tour. Late March into Mid April.
December Announcements

Holiday Show in NYC

There are still tickets available for both shows, go to The Knitting Factory if you want to get them in advance.

December 17 - 2 sets of the Slack with special guests Sturgeon (Leftover Crack), Simon Chardiet (Barsinisters), Larry McDonald on percussion, Captain of Industry, and Ranking Joe (TBA). Show starts at 11 p.m.

December 18 - 2 sets of slack with special guests Tri State Conspiracy, and Buford O'Sullivan. Show starts at 7:30 p.m.

Slackers in Brazil

The Slackers are going to Sao Paolo for 2 shows in late January. 2 more possible shows are being planned.

East Coast Dates

The Slackers are playing Washington DC on January 7 with the Pietasters. After that we have a 3 week tour being planned for February 23 to March 11. Dates will be announced shortly.

European Dates

All the Slacker European Dates for spring 2006 are confirmed.Please see our tour listing for more information.

New Slacker CD

Peculiar, will be out on Hellcat records on February 21, 2006 and is in production and still on schedule. Download 86 the Mayo from Epitaph.

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