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By vic

Arms Aloft Social & Musical Roadshow:
March 20 Philadelphia, PA @ Balcony @ Trocadero
March 21 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
March 22 New York, NY @ Pianos
March 26 Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage

The Radio Is Now Available For Purchase

By dave

Hi everybody,
"THE RADIO", the Slackers latest release is now available for direct purchase! You can digitally download it at whatevski.org

You can order vinyl & cds at the whatevski store on ebay.

You should shortly also be able to order it at www.interpunk.com

In Europe you can get the Radio on Moanin Records and order it online at
Hope you enjoy it!

For Super Hardcore Slacker's Fans Only!

By marcus

Hey there everyone. Doing a quick post to let you serious fans out there know that we have compiled our earliest stuff into a very large and complete collection of 72 tracks that we put on a USB flash drive that looks like a credit card. The art on the card makes it look like an old demo cassette and the drive folds flat into the card to protect it. Cool huh? For guys who thrive on vinyl this is very modern for us. Anyway this collection comprises: The full CD versions of "Better late than Never" and the "Before they were the Slackers ... They were the Nods" the Slackers first 2 albums. All compilation released tracks from 93-96. Unheard since the 90's demo and alternative versions of some Slacker classics from 93-96. Unreleased but still pretty good songs that did not make it onto Better Late, Nods, and even Redlight from the same period. Live shows from The Wetlands In NYC 1993 and another local show from 95 where you can really feel the youth of the band LOL. And my favorite; rehearsal tapes!!!! Truly insightful and funny behind the scenes moments at early Slacker rehearsals. The how to count to 4 argument is really priceless and very Slackers. 72 tracks of fun, music, and history plus! I am telling you, the serious hardcore Slacker's fan, pick this up at the next show or click on merchandise on the upper left to go to Interpunk.com and get it there.

The Slackers - THE RADIO!

By dave

So we have begun pre-sale of 'The Radio', the North American version which is available in download, cd, and vinyl forms. It features cover versions of songs both common and unexpected from us. If you want to check out a sample track go to http://soundcloud.com/the-slackers/attitude
Its available through our friends at www.whatevski.org. The european cd is coming out on www.moanin.de and the Japanese cd version (Ganbare) is out on www.skaintheworld.com.

The Radio - Ganbare!

By dave

So a new batch of slackers' tunes is coming out! This time its all covers, some obvious choices, some surprises...all are played with love and respect. This ain't supposed to be ironic. I think Vic really believes he's 'like a virgin.'

So the tunes are coming out in several different formats. First off, the tunes are coming out in cd format in Japan, the release is called, 'Gambare' and is out now on Ska in the World Records!

What's Ganbare you ask? It means roughly 'do your best' in Japan and its named after one of the covers, a version of 'ganbare' by the Blue Hearts, a Japanese pop-punk band.

In the USA we got the tunes coming out on Whatevski.org. They are going to be doing vinyl, cd, and digital versions of the album. They are going to be starting a kickstarter campaign shortly to get the word out. This version of the tunes is called 'the radio' after a mix that Whatevski creator, Tom Gibbons, has been putting together over the last few weeks. To get more info go to www.whatevski.org

Don't think that we've forgotten the rest of the world as well, whatevski can take orders from all over the world (europe, latin america etc) and can get you what you need! After 'the radio' has been in production for a little while we should have a limited number of physical copies at the merch table as well.

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