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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

By dave

The Slackers would live to wish all of our friends, families, and fans a happy new year! 2010 was a busy year for us with over 120 gigs in 19 different countries and 20 different states in the US. We put out an album, the Great Rocksteady Swindle in april and really appreciate the nice response you guys have given to us.

With the coming of 2011, the band has now been around for over 20 YEARS! We are going to be having some special releases to commemorate this including a greatest hits cd, some rarities and outakes, and reissues of older material. We should be making some new special mp3 downloads for Whatevski.org We are also going to have some 20th ANNIVERSARY special shows. So please keep your eyes out for updates on this.

Our latest release is the NEW YEARS DAY 45 vinyl. You can get it at www..interpunk.com

As the new year's finds us we are playing out on the west coast. California and our first colorado and nevada dates in several years. I hope to see you some of you out there for this! Thanks for all the support and we love you all.


Providence 2/18

Hey Guys...
Great Show last night, as usual. It was a bit of a special occasion as it was my 10th Slackers Show! Drove all the way down from New Hampshire with my wife just to see it.
I do, unfortunately, have one complaint. Who ever you had working the merch booth was an asshole. I have danced at many slackers shows, but opted to hang in the back and enjoy the music with the rest of the old folks. Your merch guy and his lady friend took it upon themselves to target our group by jumping into us several times, knocking my wife up against the wall. She has a bruise on her thigh from when they kicked her with their dancing. We heard them even say, "Let's go get them". I was blown away. I have never had a negative thing to say about a slackers show. I was prepared to buy some vinyl that night, but couldn't bring myself to be near that douche bag. You guys were great....that guy sucks. Thanks again for a great show.

tiny words...

hi guys!
first of all i just wanted to thank u for your concert in rosario, argentina! it was awsome! i had seen you in madrid back in august and i never thought that by the end of the year i'll be back in argentina and that i will see you again...
lucky me!
i hope this 2011 brings us all pure love and some peace...
thanks a lot slackers!

Can't wait

This sounds great, 2011 should be awesome. I was at the Holiday Show, I'm looking forward to it being available to purchase on Whatevski.

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