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Slackers to the Midwest & Canada.

Slackers to the Midwest & Canada.

By dave

After a couple week post-booze cruise breather, the Slackers will be hitting the road again. This time we are off to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan. A run across to the middle of the country and back. It will be our first time playing many of the songs from Rocksteady Swindle in that part of the world.

We will follow this up with a trip to Buffalo and Canada.

For most of this tour we are happy to bring along DJ 100 Dbs and the Green Room Rockers. Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints and the Forthrights will be meeting up with us on selected dates.

Currently, we are working on some more youtube videos (yes, a sequel to 'Dave of the Dead' is forthcoming!) and we have a 45 of New Year's Day in the works. Will let you know as it progresses towards completion.

Hello, my name Fabio and I'm

Hello, my name Fabio and I'm from Chile, I just wanted to know if there is any chance that add to Chile in concert route, and that will be in Argentina and Brazil, Chile, why not?, we are a large community of people I love ska, and it's been great bands like The Skatalites, Skalariak, why not add to this list the best ska band New Yorker ... The Slakers!
I have good contacts with organizations, events, anything I look at facebook (Fabio Andre Fuentes).
Similarly makes every effort to raise the money to go to Buenos Aires with my girlfriend, so likewise we shall see, greetings and gratitude.

(Sorry, but if not understood, the fault of the translator)


Seattle, WA

Great to see you guys are going on tour. I see you're heading to California. Any chance of heading just a wee bit north to Seattle? There is a serious lack of good ska shows here. Makes me want to move back East.

London, UK

When are you coming to London, UK? I have not seen you live since 2007 at the Mean Fiddler. Best gig of my life. Love and peace to everyone!


I can't f****** believe it!!!!!!!! Honest. I can't believe what I just heard. So far, it's one single date in Rosario, but I wonder if you come to Buenos Aires too... I won't miss it... I have been waiting for it a real long time and now I just can't believe it!!!! It's gonna be greeeeaaaatttttt!!!!!!!

Thank you!

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