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By dave

Hi everyone,

I just want to thank everyone for all the love we've gotten as we finish up the 1st leg of the Slackers' rocksteady swindle tour. We really couldnt have asked for a better time.

We started the tour out in california and 32 shows later we are finishing it up in boston at harper's ferry.

Its been fun sharing the new songs with you guys and we are planning on continuing our mission in august through the fall. We got festival shows and some club dates in Europe in August, followed up boat gigs, midwestern, and eastern canada dates through the end of october.

Yeh, if you havent been swindled yet, check out the latest slackers release on epitaph, the Great Rocksteady Swindle. Its available on Epitaph in the states/canada, Epitaph Europe in europe (obviously), and Disk Union in Japan. You can get it in cd or vinyl for or download it on whatevsi or itunes. Whatevski has special package versions with bonus dub tracks and live concerts.

Also, in true slacker fashion we just received the vinyl of Lost & Found (our 2009 release). Its courtesy of the lovely people at paper or plastic. It should be available soon on places like Interpunk and at the slackers merch table on tour.

We should have some more limited edition vinyl out by the end of the year. We should also have some more live recording available on whatevski.

Plus coming soon on authority music, will the be the first slackers song put into the Rock Band format, Everyday is Sunday. Yeh, its a brave new world.

So thanks for all the love we have received. We are gonna be out on the road again come august. See you then!

cover songs

Was really impressed with your elvis cover song. You also did a cover of madonna like a virgin which was both musically great and funny. Would you consider dean martin 'memories are made of this' and the mambo song. i would love to hear your version. You could add your own ska twist. You either love or hate it. I think they are awesome songs. That is the magic of being in a band, you can recreate your own favorite songs. Some might say the lyrics are old fashioned and twee, but I think they are romantic and timeless.

You are welcome, Dave! I'm

You are welcome, Dave! I'm really sorry that love transmitted to you every day can't be visualized! But we will continue loving you to the greatest extent, remember that!
audio editor

Rock Band Network

Dave, thanks so much for putting the Slackers music out on RBN(Rock Band Network). I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to play the Slack on my fake bass. Seriously, there is so much good stuff you guys could put up, and I think we'd buy it all. My votes for next songs would be Have The Time & What Went Wrong.

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