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Happy New Year!

The Slackers would like to wish a happy new year to our families, friends, and fans. Thanks for all the support at the shows last year! Special thanks for 2 great shows in NYC in december. Looking forward to seeing you guys out there again in 2006.

In 2006 we have a busy agenda;

  1. Peculiar. New Slacker CD out on Hellcat/Epitaph records! Release date is February 21, 2006. Download 86 the Mayo from Epitaph.
  2. Brazillian Tour. 1st Slacker tour of Brazil takes place that last week of January.
  3. East Coast/Midwest/Eastern Canada tour. Takes place late febuary into early march.
  4. European Tour. Late March into Mid April.

instead of mozart...

...i'd prefer to have a slackers celebration year here in austria ;-)
missed your act in august last year, maybe there's a second chance?


Oh come on!

What's up with no Dayton show this time around.


~Big Joe from Cincy


I´m Looking forward to see you guys, here, in Brazil!!!!
See ya!!!


will you guys being playing innocent blood on tour?


Manchester, UK!

Hello Guys, I came to see you in manchester, UK last year in March. It was the first time i had even seen you guys or even heard of you to be honest. But my boyfriend who is a real big fan of yours wanted me to go. And i am so glad that i did. I am now a slackers convert! it was a great gig and we both really enjoyed it. I just hope that in your up and coming european tour you will make a retun to the UK, hopefully back to manchester too.

The Guys from Kansas comin to NY!!!!!

Just making sure The Slack is ready for some rudeboys from Kansas to come see em in NYC in March!!!! The trip is booked fellas....WE'RE MORE THAN READY HOW ABOUT YOUSE GUYS?!?!



You guys should really come back to Minnesota! Like on the 27th of February. . .

I knew it...

I still don´t believe it. I waited for 7 years to see The Slackers. Now I´ll finally have the chance. And I know these shows in Brazil will be fucking fantastic. Thanks to the one who made it possible, and The Slackers for comming.

Ann Arbor

Please come back to Ann Arbor! I can't wait to see you guys at the Blind Pig!


Dude, I cannot believe you're coming to the South, finally!!!!
Lots of fans are gonna be waiting for you in Argentina, and I know sooner or later you'll come. But when you do it, you MUST play in Rosario, Argentinian culture capital!


some day. the band would love to play more south american countries.
we just need more contacts.


I called to Reverb in Toronto to check about tickets and they said that the show was moved somewhere else. Can you give me any info about changes. It was hard enough getting into the last T.O. show at Lee's Palace- this time I want to be prepared.

Slackers in Toronto

The Slackers show in Toronto on March 3rd is in the same building as The Reverb (The Big Bop) but it's now at The Kathedral. You can get tickets from www.ticketweb.com

me too!! I need tickets in

me too!! I need tickets in hand in order to relax!

Slackers tickets - toronto

any word on this yet?


I just talked to REVERB and the show is still on , apparantly they're going to be a part of Canadian Music Week, which is weird.. but whatever.

No idea on how to get tickets though, he said he didn't know and it's not listed on Ticketmaster.ca

ticketweb.comI worked damn


I worked damn hard to find that out


but I guess who cares the slackers woooo!

Slackers in T.O.

Thanks so much- I would have never found this otherwise.

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