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The Church of Slack Rolls Into Austin


The Slackers are finishing up their Southern Tour. Thanks for all the fans that have been posting their photos up on the Flickr Group! We love to see them :-)

Santa Cruz is still waiting

there are plenty of churches in santa cruz but none as audacious as the church of slack. come and lead us all to salvation. plus ill smoke you out fat.

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hey man, i'm in santa cruz waiting for the slackers to come by as well. how awesome would it be to go see the slackers at the catalyst?! so much better than driving to goddamn berkeley.

please oh PLEASE come down to santa cruz!!

More Slacker Photos

For about 5 years worth of The Slackness, Check out www.tiffanyhagler.com to view many live shots of the band!! They always put on a great show!! Rock on Slackers!


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good god

i am so jealous. i can't wait to see you guys again.

i was looking at hell-cat.com and i saw the little 5 minute video where it shows you guys writing MOUNTAINSIDE! my favorite slackers song. so awesome. glen pine, you are the man.

Slack in Austin

2 Nights of live Slackers music....it doesn't get much better than that!! Thanks for the great time guys!! Lookin forward to the new record in February. Austin is such an awesome city!! Thanks for playin such awesome oldies such as Tonight and And I Wonder? It was especially amazing to hear Old Days. Thanks again guys
Ska Rocksteady Reggae
Peace Love Unity,

The Guys from Kansas


What an amazing show...thanks so much for the double set/double encore on Sat. Night. You always have a home here in Austin.

PS: Vic's g-friend (Jess?) makes a strong case for living in New Jersey.

one of vics girlfriends?

who cares about what vics flava says, especially about jersey. what does tht have to do with the slackers. The slackers rule!! A kickass show in San Antonio ! Come back anytime!

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