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Thanks again...

Thanks again...

By glen

I just wanted to thank all the folks who came out to the Buffalo exchange in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today....especially with the L line not running and all. It was fun doing our sort of "unplugged" thing..with Ira(Jammyland allstars) and Phil(King Django..Ruddie crew..etc..) holding it down on bass and drums. Also thanks to the people at The Buffalo for being such gracious hosts. Well I hope you took advantage of the sale and look forward to catching up with you all at our next NYC show.
Take Care

Glen is the man!

I agree with miriahn. You must come back to UK in 2013. Really enjoyed ur performance in nottingham. U have a v.masculine presence on stage! Love the older more traditional ska u play. Keep it up so the lights don't go out! Enjoy ur tour u lucky bastards. Right now I am so digging the T-bone. Love n peace


Hey Glen!!

I just want to say thanks for you and the other guys for giving us such an amazing experience. Bouth shows in Sao Paulo were unbelievable and the victor rice after sessions were great !
After the show on saturday,you were very kind with me and my boyfriend and that was one of the most interesting exchance of cultures that I had. It really changed my mind about americans( I am not going to watch "sex and the city" anymore eheheh)

By the way,I want your Feijoada recipe with beer and papikra( is this is?)hehe.


Come back soon!


Good Memories


i was trying keep in tought but it was impossible, anyway i miss see you playing here in Brasil... come just for a visit, by the way, you know speak portugues very well isn't it !!!!

Elaine Bertasi


Hey Glen was that you I exchanged nods with yesterday, somewhere in the garment district? Also, love the new songs!
Keep it irie Slackers

hey, you're blogging!

I'm watching for your next Boston show. ; ) Wish I could've stayed for the whole thing last time (slave to the T) but plan on catching it complete next time.

Lovin' the music, Glen!
Danielle C.

you're very welcome. glen is

you're very welcome. glen is the man
come back to NY soon!

your hero,

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