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This Weekly Update (11/5/2005)

Hi everybody,
how are you doing?

  1. southern tour. thanks so much to everyone who has come out. Shows have been great. We've been blown away by the response from you guys. Wow. we've got to do this more often.
  2. Nashville - new date has been added. see tour dates below. please get the word out if you live in the area
  3. website - the website is under construction and will be coming back soon.
  4. new cd - afternoon in dub is out. its for sale at our shows and through do tell records and stubborn records.
  5. merch arrangement. our merch is now distributed through stubborn records. there will be a link between our sites in the future.
  6. nyc shows - we've got several coming up with the slackers and other incarnations of the band. come and check them out!!! Especially check out the Glen Adams b-day. It dont get more legendary than that line up! Dennis Alcapone! Derrick Harriot!
  7. peculiar - new cd due out febuary 21st on hellcat records. still on schedule.


I have a bunch of new Slackers in Philly At the Electric Factory when the Opened up for Buju Banton.
Check out my site to see more.
ALso there are pics of Captain of Industry, the band they just toured with. Theyre also an Awesome show!!!
thanks for viewing!

I was not a part of it!The City of angeles Needs The Slackers

I don't see how one of the most populated, most loving SLakcers fans can't get to see you men. I need to hug you again VIc. Actually, I need you to sing to me BABY!!! SAW you on myspace, you men are looking good!!!specially you, VIC. "DUB I'S Sandy"


That show was fun and these pics are great! I wish there had been more people there to hear them. It is strange how 'normal' people don't like seeing openers. Actually, I find when I talk to 'real' raggae dudes they always seem to say, "ska, my grandmom likes that". Am I just some antiquated person now? Buju was good though, but I thought he was hard to understand sometimes.

...like holding a wolf by the ears.

Stick them up on the Flickr group!

That way, they surface up on the home page!!!


come play a show in santa cruz, the chillest place the west coast has to offer. ill smoke you out fat.


when are you guys going to come back to Pittsburgh?! WE MISS YOU!

Damn Straight

I know, you guys put on a heluva show. Besides, I wouldn't mind blowin a few songs with you guys. *nudge nudge*


where can i find the cds afternoon in dub, slack in japan, upsetting ernestos, slackers and friends, and the split with pulley

Check out jumpuprecords.com.

Check out jumpuprecords.com. It's independent, and they're selling Slack in Japan for much cheaper.


You can find all of the slackers cds at amazon.com
you may have to pay a bit more for slack in japan since it is an import but it's worth every last penny


I was told to come up to Austin to check out this band that I would supposedly love, little to find out it was going to be one of the best shows I've ever witnessed. Totally made a new Slackers fan of me. Thanks you guys for coming to Austin and come back to San Antonio sometime soon.


thanx for the two austin shows!! most fun i've had in two years--hopefully we'll see ya again next fall if you make a swing down for peculiar (please!). brought eight friends with me friday (their first slackers show) and they're all fans now...ya blew 'em away. lotsa respect.

Why is it you guys can go

Why is it you guys can go all over the United States but can't even come five hours within the center of them! COME TO KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!!! FANS DESPERATE FOR SHOW!!!!!!!!


yo, anyone know where i can find a slackers hoodie?

slackers @ ny

Me and my friend are going to be in NY from the 24th nov for 4 nights. Are you guys playing any dates there in that time? We're coming from london just in hope of seeing you play.....

west coast!

you guys need to come back here! california loves the slack!

new cd called peculiar? sweet.


The Tampa show was incredible. And two encores?! *swoon*
Come back soon.

Come back!

Come back to Ontario...it's been almost a whole year and I am suffering from severe slackers withdrawal.

thank god you guys hit up

thank god you guys hit up nashville on this tour, lookin' forward to it

Im hoping for some good

Im hoping for some good guests on Peculiar! Dont let me down guys. Im sure youll pull out alll the stops

Can't Wait For Next Thurs & Friday.

Welcome back to Austin guys. It's going to be a great time!!

Last Nights show in Austin....

I'd give you guys a set list and all that jazz...but I was too busy dancing my ass off. A little hammered too. But lotsa new stuff and a great show despite the absence of TJ and Q.

We miss you!

When will you be coming to Colorado? We miss you!!!

New CD

Afternoon is dub is so good. Good lookin' out.

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