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Slackers are back in 2013

Slackers are back in 2013

By dave

Hi everyone! Nice to be getting back on the road. We are going to be hitting a bunch of places in the US and Canada first. New england, the southeast, pacific notrhwest, new jersey, and the midwest.

Plus we just went into the studio and have been working towards a new series of releases that should start coming out around june.

Also, the slackers complete lyrics book is coming together and should be out in the next months.

Thanks for the love.


So i heard on the radio you guys are coming to san diego now! wooo cant wait! thanks for making it out this way :D safe travels boys, see ya soon!

Tour date in san diego and hopefully Tijuana mexico.

Would be the best news i could get if you guys would come by my neck of the woods. Also am bummed to see vic wont make it down here:( hopefully youse be comin here soon. Peace and love. Keep making beautiful music.

Why no CA date?! i wanna

Why no CA date?! i wanna shake my booty and get thrown out again :) PS- i miss you dave ;)

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