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Fall Touring! Vinyl Reissues! plus Brooklyn Rocksteady Comp coming soon!

Fall Touring! Vinyl Reissues! plus Brooklyn Rocksteady Comp coming soon!

By dave

Hi everybody,
How are you doing? First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who came out to our summer boat shows and to the European Slackers' Strike Back tour. We had a lot of fun playing for you guys this summer.

Coming up this fall, we are trying to get caught up with a lot of American touring. We are playing a quick weekend in the midwest and then going down south to Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.

We also want to thank everyone who supported the Asbestos Records Kickstarter for the vinyl of International War Criminal (2004 original release). This will be the first time that those recordings will be released on Vinyl. We should have some with us on tour in the next month or so.

You heard it here first. But there should be a vinyl re-issue of the Question out by end of the year too! This will be coming out on Whatevski records! (Yes, the same www.whatevski.org who puts out lots of Slackers' downloads.)

Also coming out soon is the 'Brooklyn Rocksteady' compilation which will feature the Slackers' playing a version of the reggae classic, 'The Wicked Must Survive.' This will available in various formats on www.whatevski.org as well.

And yes, I know we have been doing lots of covers recently, but if you have come to one of our shows recently, you might have heard one of the new original songs we have been working on. We currently have 3 of them in rotation in the set list and there should be more to come over the next few months.

Another upcoming project that I was just reading the rough draft of, is a Slackers lyrics book. This book is going to be available in paperback, hard cover, and electronic formats.

Finally, yes, we have been getting your emails from the places we have been missing on tour. We will be trying to get out to the southeast, midwest, pacific northwest, and Canada in the first half of 2013. Keep your eyes out for upcoming dates.

take care,

Your awesome and you know it!

You make great study music. I have sat for five hours doing homework and enjoyed it. I am planning an all nighter and itgets me through. I love u guy. You must comer back to england in 2012 and make my year. How about some english recognition in ur blogs. When i hear ur songs I can identify with some of the melodies and I can hear ur influence which makes it even more special. I guess im not too young to be a child of ur time. Does that make sense? Hope i'm not to much of a bore to read. Just don't forget us english, lincolshire man! Wishing u love and success xxxxxx

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