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For Super Hardcore Slacker's Fans Only!

For Super Hardcore Slacker's Fans Only!

By marcus

Hey there everyone. Doing a quick post to let you serious fans out there know that we have compiled our earliest stuff into a very large and complete collection of 72 tracks that we put on a USB flash drive that looks like a credit card. The art on the card makes it look like an old demo cassette and the drive folds flat into the card to protect it. Cool huh? For guys who thrive on vinyl this is very modern for us. Anyway this collection comprises: The full CD versions of "Better late than Never" and the "Before they were the Slackers ... They were the Nods" the Slackers first 2 albums. All compilation released tracks from 93-96. Unheard since the 90's demo and alternative versions of some Slacker classics from 93-96. Unreleased but still pretty good songs that did not make it onto Better Late, Nods, and even Redlight from the same period. Live shows from The Wetlands In NYC 1993 and another local show from 95 where you can really feel the youth of the band LOL. And my favorite; rehearsal tapes!!!! Truly insightful and funny behind the scenes moments at early Slacker rehearsals. The how to count to 4 argument is really priceless and very Slackers. 72 tracks of fun, music, and history plus! I am telling you, the serious hardcore Slacker's fan, pick this up at the next show or click on merchandise on the upper left to go to Interpunk.com and get it there.

Thanks Marcus, I'll gladly

Thanks Marcus, I'll gladly take you up on that. As a clarification, I don't mean the sound quality of the source material (outside of what I 'contributed', which is a chewed up second generation cassette), but the actual encoding - which was mostly 128kb or 160 mp3, which while no audiophile, I can hear the distortion on lots of tracks with encoding that low. I just thought it a shame that you guys went to the work of digging up those old tapes and then put them out in such a low quality format, especially when there was plenty of space left over on the drive.


Can anyone confirm that the wetlands show is different from the widely available show that goes No More Crying -> Keep Him Away -> Married Girl -> The Nurse etc? I really want this but I'm trying to figure out how much of it I already have.. pretty broke at the moment! Better yet does anyone have a more complete track list? I'll probably end up buying it either way. :P


apologies reggaefire

Hey Reggaefire so sorry you dont like the USB. The Slackers have spent 20+ years trying to make people happy and I really dont like disappointing our fans. The main purpose of this project is to compile a more complete history of the band. So it must include stuff that is readily available and we had to accept there would be some repetition and overlay but necessary for completeness. We know hardcore fans have everything and are the only ones interested in this project, but there is a lot of really cool stuff on this! Hell I forgot we ever played some of those songs and a few never left the studio. I would even like to bring back "lady's fine velour" and play it onstage finally. Let me assure you that the vast majority of that material was well buried for many years and only surfaced with this compilation. As to the quality a lot of this stuff was recorded on cassette with boomboxes, mostly because thats what we had. The studio stuff was I must admit was subject to a learning curve. As you may have noticed I and most of the other Slackers like it LO-Fi so maybe our standards are just too low. The new USB has an awesome packaging upgrade and we will be using this format for a series of 4 of them. As you are obviously a serious fan, and as a way of alleviating any suffering we may have caused, I would like to invite you to be part of our test listening group. I would like to send you USB volume 2 to review and then ask you to get back to me with your opinions and suggestions. Get in touch with me on facebook I understand if you dont want to post your info here. Cheers Marcus

super hardcore slackers fanclub

bad quality or not, i'm excited that this usb is finally available for people who can't make it to a show very often

reggaefire or anyone else, come find me on Soulseek if you want to exchange slackers bootlegs! my name is "slackattack". i have a bunch of them!

Has there been any upgrade to

Has there been any upgrade to the sound quality compared to what you were selling on the USB drives before? I know some of the material is low quality because when -I- created the rip of the first demo, I purposely did it rather lo-fi, in case you guys ever decided to reissue it. (I was mighty surprised to see it on your USB! I know it's my rip because I mistitled one of the tracks!). I'll be honest, I'm about as big a Slackers fan as there is (seen you guys at least 40 times, own all the albums, blah blah blah) and I felt a little ripped off about what I paid $30 for - a lot of low quality rips apparently downloaded from the internet.

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