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marcus's blog

For Super Hardcore Slacker's Fans Only!

By marcus

Hey there everyone. Doing a quick post to let you serious fans out there know that we have compiled our earliest stuff into a very large and complete collection of 72 tracks that we put on a USB flash drive that looks like a credit card. The art on the card makes it look like an old demo cassette and the drive folds flat into the card to protect it. Cool huh? For guys who thrive on vinyl this is very modern for us. Anyway this collection comprises: The full CD versions of "Better late than Never" and the "Before they were the Slackers ... They were the Nods" the Slackers first 2 albums. All compilation released tracks from 93-96. Unheard since the 90's demo and alternative versions of some Slacker classics from 93-96. Unreleased but still pretty good songs that did not make it onto Better Late, Nods, and even Redlight from the same period. Live shows from The Wetlands In NYC 1993 and another local show from 95 where you can really feel the youth of the band LOL. And my favorite; rehearsal tapes!!!! Truly insightful and funny behind the scenes moments at early Slacker rehearsals. The how to count to 4 argument is really priceless and very Slackers. 72 tracks of fun, music, and history plus! I am telling you, the serious hardcore Slacker's fan, pick this up at the next show or click on merchandise on the upper left to go to Interpunk.com and get it there.

The Great Bi-Coastal Experience

By marcus

Greetings All. I am still fresh from the great outdoors and a really amazing trip to the Coasts of Canada. Vancouver has long been a favourite town of mine and I am happy to now add Halifax to the list. Although I have been substantially well compensated by the Canadian Tourist Board to promote visiting Canada (I got a $5 gift certificate to TIM HORTONS!) I am truly enamored by the beauty of the surroundings and by the really awesome people I have met there. So even if you are not planning on going to the Victoria Ska fest ...maybe you should. Or to Halifax, great party town and with Whale Watching to boot! See You all in September!!!!

Boat Show Stuff and request list

By marcus

Just to clear things up this years boat show is later than usual. You will need to be at the dock by 11 not 8. That is 11pm not 8pm. Personally this makes things easier for me so I am all about this "Midnite" cruise concept. I believe it is, after all, very romantic to cruise around Manhattan at midnight. Which brings me to this....I've been getting so many requests from folks that I thought "why not play all requests?" So let me know what you want to hear. Post your song choices here and we will try play them. More popular tunes will be democratically selected and the more obscure wont be, because we dont know how to play everything we ever did. Thats like 200 songs! By the way thats a good project, some body figure out a list of all the Slackers live and recorded songs and settle this dispute once and for all. Good luck with that one folks! See you all aboard!
ps Cali was great!great fun+food in SF,great cars in LA,great show in SD!

Slacker's Vinyl Onslaught

By marcus

Hey there fellow VINYL freaks once again the Slackers are pleased to announce another salvo in the vinyl onslaught as Mike Park and the mighty Asian Man records have now got a fantastic 12" version of the delightful "The Slackers: An Afternoon in Dub" This is a very limited pressing so check out asianmanrecords.com ASAP and secure yours now. On the same front Asbestos records is re-releasing the seminal "Better Late Than Never" in addition to a '45 of the amazingly timely holiday classic "Driedle, Driedle, Driedle" so after you stock up on a few dozen Dub LP's go see them for a few kilo's of fresh vinyl

Update !

By marcus

Good afternoon Slacker congregation members, just posting a quick update of all the fun we've been having lately. We had another great run through Europe. The highlites reel is full of fine Indian food, great shows in Paris, Koln, Belfast, and on and on. For me the best part was watching the Specials 30th anniversary soundcheck and then the show from the side of the stage !!!!! We got to open the show which was fun , but we were there to see the Specials! Yes that's right folks the Slackers were total fan boys that night. We all squeezed into out of the way spots to avoid being tossed out and managed to watch the whole show from within spitting distance of the Specials playing for an audience of 15000. It was f'ing awesome, they were awesome, the songs are fantastic, in short all I could have hoped for.

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