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copenhagen needs you

Just seen the tour dates and noticed that you have decided to skip us!! What up with that? Loved it last time in Christiania!!
Come back soon!

Philly Show 12/14/12 - Loss Momento

Another memorable show in Philly; like Christmas dinner with all the trimming ... and all the relatives. Lots of skankin', hand-clapping, singing with some moshing, and the one relative who gets so carried away during the MisFits cover he had to be reminded publicly to knock off the rough shit or go to your room ... we were all together in the same place for the same reason. No not Jesus ... the Slackers were playing! Anywho, I politely requested a setlist from the stage after the encore and was handed one. I couldn't stay afterwards to chat as I had to deliver the kids back to the Drexel campus and get my 59 years old bro' back to his wife (or she'd accused me of taking him to the local titty bar), plus these old skool legs want to rest after a two hour Slackers show! Once home, I opened the folded setlist and it wasn't a setlist - it was the written words to the new song Vic sang,"Stereo On". Dave mentioned you'd be getting into the studio soon so I want to get these back to you asap. Will wait to hear from ya. Peace & Safe Travels. DadGerry


Though I'm a couple of months late, I also would LOVE to see you guys make an Albuquerque stop. If it's not possible, I'll do my best to visit AZ or CO, but it would be great if you guys could make it to NM, either in Abq or Santa Fe. Think about it. ;)


I third this notion! It's been almost a decade since you guys were in New Mexico! I'd be stoked beyond belief!


Just adding another voice to the plea of asking The Slackers to come to Albuquerque! would loooooove to go.

Albuquerque or Santa Fe

Any chances of you coming to Albuquerque or Santa Fe after your February Arizona dates? That would be pretty nice if you did.

waiting for you at Lima, Perú

Hi guys, I was wondering if you ever though of coming to south america to make a tour. would'nt be nice? what kind of things needs to happen so you can plan a tour over the third world nations? we'll keep waiting for you!


This gig is in canada (london ontario)
like you i was super stoked to see the slackers playing london uk but not to be...

LONDON, UK October 27th

Where Where where in London are the Slackers playing ?!?!? i need to book tickets ASAP !

Sept.7th - Victoria BC

Does anyone know is their show on Sept. 7th @ Club 9One9 is all ages? I've been trying to figure it out, but if anyone knows I would love it if you could give me a shout :)

come to Chile please

come to Chile please

AK (That's Alaska, not Arkansas)

Well boys...you haven't been here yet? What are you waiting for? It's summer and it's always daylight.


If you guys come to Australia, you should definitely visit New Zealand!(we're next door)

Touring Australia II

Yes! Please let us know when you will come to Australia - (Melbourne...!!) Would love to see you here, we listen to your albums but have never had the chance to see you live..

Touring Australia?

Hi there,

Just wondering if you guys have any plans at all to tour Australia? I saw you in London at a small venue years ago when I lived there - you were awesome, I loved the show, it was brilliant and now I have your albums! We would love to see you live again, maybe you could think about coming to Oz? if you do, you should come to a city called Newcastle (2 hours north from Sydney) as it would be fantastic to see you in a small-ish venue again.


Slacker Video Project

A film group by the name of Zug Island Productions wants to do a video for the song Estranged off our new cd "Self-Medication". They are looking for people in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area that might be willing to act in the video. If you are interested, check them out online or drop them an email at (info@zugislandproductions.com). I am looking forward to see what these folks will come up with for this song.


Looking for places to play in USA

Hi guys!
First I want to say that since I heard you 10 years ago, there's no day spent without whisling a song of yours, big up! (I will miss you Q-Max, the last live album at Ernestos with Susan Cadogan, playing unreleased is e really great one.)

Well, I have to ask you something, I play trombone in a funky/afro french brass band (based in Paris) called Taraceboulba (.com)
and we prepare a tour in UAS next february. We are now looking for places where we could play, and I know that you've played in most of the known bars and stages on this earth, so, maybe could you indicate me some of them in New-York particulary, or some people that could help us to prepare our tour, it would be big help.

See you on the road!

Etienne Funkytromb


I wanted to say "whistling", I don't know what "whisling" means...

Etienne Funkytromb

the last one

and you can join me at:


Etienne Funkytromb

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